here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Freedom & Independence | Group Show | EBENSPERGER BERLIN | from 14.11.2020

until (to be announced) | #2913ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER BERLIN presents from 14th November 2020 in two locations the 24/7-exhibition Freedom & Independence. The exhibitions can be visited by arrangement. The exhibition “Freedom & Independence” borrows its name from Bjørn Melhus’ eponymous film Freedom & Independence from 2014. It will use its title as both, a motto and a theme, […]

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Marta Górnicka | Multitude | EBENSPERGER BERLIN + LUXOOM LAB | 12.09.–08.11.2020

until 08.11. | #2836ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER BERLIN & LUXOOM LAB are showing the exhibition “Multitude” by the artist Marta Górnicka from September 12, 2020. “Multitude” at Ebensperger Berlin, in collaboration with Luxoom Lab, is the first monographic exhibition of works by Marta Górnicka, a stage director and the re-discoverer of the choral principle. The exhibition […]

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Mark van Yetter | Damn View | EBENSPERGER RHOMBERG BERLIN | 13.09.–27.10.2019

until 27.10. | #2573ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER RHOMBERG BERLIN shows from 13th September 2019 the exhibition Damn View by the artist Mark van Yetter. Vernissage: Friday, 13 September 2019, 6 – 9 pm Exhibition period: Friday, 13 September – Sunday, 27 October 2019   Image caption: Courtesy of EBENSPERGER RHOMBERG BERLIN – Mark van Yetter Exhibition […]

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Bonnie Camplin | Free Will presupposes Full Disclosure | EBENSPERGER Berlin | 28.09.–16.12.2018

until 16.12. | #2193ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER Berlin shows from 28th September 2018 the exhibition Free Will presupposes Full Disclosure by the artist Bonnie Camplin. The collection of works and material presented comprise a partial disclosure of Bonnie Camplin’s own fascination with and willfull participation in the process of Full Disclosure. © Bonnie Camplin 2018 Reception for […]

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Lea Draeger | 1000 Economic Popes | EBENSPERGER Berlin | 20.01.–03.03.2018

until 03.03. | #1788ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER Berlin shows from 20th January 2018 the exhibition “1000 Economic Popes” by the artist Lea Draeger. This solo exhibition marks her entry to the gallery programm. For further details about this exhibition please change to the German version of ART@Berlin, because the gallery just provided an exhibition description in […]

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Jeffrey Beebe | The Men Who Tried to Catch Uncles (and did) | EBENSPERGER Berlin | 20.09.–28.10.2017

until 28.10. | #1601ARTatBerlin | EBENSPERGER Berlin shows from 20th September 2017 the exhibition “The Men Who Tried to Catch Uncles (and did)” by the artist Jeffrey Beebe. Vernissage: Saturday, 16th September 2017, from 06:00 p.m. Exhibition : Wednesday, 20th September until Saturday, 28th. October 2017   Image caption: © Jeffrey Beebe, The Defeat of […]

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