here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Gilbert & George | THE PARADISICAL PICTURES | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 28.04.-25.08.2021

until 25.08. | #3038ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin presents from 28th April 2021 the exhibition THE PARADISICAL PICTURES with works by the artist duo Gilbert & George. It is the first solo show of the artists in the Berlin gallery. On view are twenty-five largescale works from the artists’ THE PARADISICAL PICTURES (2019) series. The […]

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Analia Saban | Save As | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 25.02.-10.04.2021

until 10.04. | #2972ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin shows since 25th February 2021 the exhibition with new works by the artist Analia Saban. The exhibition of new works by Analia Saban at the Berlin gallery delves into the increasingly porous line between our physical and virtual worlds—made ever more palpable by the further expansion of […]

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Cindy Sherman | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 20.11.2020-13.02.2021

until 13.02. | #2917ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin presents from 20. November 2020 an exhibiton by the artist Cindy Sherman. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Cindy Sherman, one of the most influential artists internationally who has been associated with the gallery since the 1980s. It […]

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ONLINE-SHOW: Andreas Schulze | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 22.10.-20.11.2020

until 20.11. | #2899ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin currently shows an Online Exhibition by the artist Andreas Schulze. Andreas Schulze and Sprüth Magers share a history. In February 1983 Monika Sprüth opened her Cologne gallery with an Andreas Schulze exhibition, and since that fateful day he has had fifteen solo exhibitions with the gallery and […]

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Andreas Gursky | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 12.09.-14.11.2020

 until 14.11. | #2840ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin presents from 12th September 2020 the exhibition by the artist Andreas Gursky. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are pleased to present a substantial exhibition of new photographs by Andreas Gursky at their Berlin gallery, his first new body of work in almost three years, in which he […]

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local talent | curated by Thomas Demand | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 04.07.-22.08.2020

until 22.08. | #2780ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin currently presents the exhibition local talent with contributions by artists living and working in Berlin from different generations and backgrounds, curated by Thomas Demand. Amid the uncertainty of the past six months of the coronavirus pandemic, one thing is clear: Everything has changed, including for artists. Plans […]

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Kara Walker | THE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS … | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 11.03.-04.04.2019 – extended until 19.04.2020

extended until 04.04. | #2711ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin shows from 11th March 2020 the installation THE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS SESQUICENTENNIAL CIVIL WAR CELEBRATION by the artist Kara Walker. Following on from the acclaimed Kara Walker exhibition at their London gallery, and concurrent with the artist’s ongoing Tate Modern Turbine Hall commission in London, Monika Sprüth […]

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Hanne Darboven | Erdkunde und (Süd)Koreanischer Kalender | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 12.09.-21.12.2019

until 21.12. | #2567ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin currently presents the exhibition Erdkunde und (Süd)Koreanischer Kalender by the artist Hanne Darboven. Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Darboven’s work at the Berlin gallery, presenting Erdkunde I, II, III (Geography I, II, III) (1986) and (Süd-) Koreanischer Kalender / (South) Korean […]

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Fischli Weiss (Peter Fischli + David Weiss) | HAUS | Sprüth Magers Berlin | 27.04.-27.07.2019

until 27.07. | #2448ARTatBerlin | Sprüth Magers Berlin currently shows the exhibition HAUS by the artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. Sprüth Magers is pleased to present HAUS, a solo exhibition by Fischli Weiss, the Swiss artist duo known since the 1980s for their films including Der geringste Widerstand (The Least Resistance) and ambiguous sculptural everyday objects. At […]

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