post-title Anna Daučíková honored with Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018

Anna Daučíková honored with Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018

Anna Daučíková honored with Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018

Anna Daučíková honored with Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018

Anna Daučíková has been selected as the winner of the Schering Stiftung Art Award 2018. The prize, which is awarded by the Schering Stiftung in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, is endowed with a prize money of 10,000 Euro and a solo exhibition at KW, for which a new artwork is created. Coinciding with the exhibition, a monographic catalogue will be produced. This is the seventh time that the prize has been awarded, and the fifth time in cooperation with KW.

The jury consisted of Ute Meta Bauer (Curator and Founding Director, NTU Center for Contemporary Art Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Rossella Biscotti (Artist, Berlin), Nikola Dietrich (Director, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne), Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin), and Charlotte Klonk (Professor of Art History and New Media, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Member of the Schering Stiftung Foundation Council, Berlin).

To support their choice out of the 15 nominated artists, the jury states:

“Anna Daučíková’s video works innovatively combine reflections on the role and meaning of modernism in Eastern European societies with identity issues. By seamlessly moving between fiction and historical facts based on archival research, Daučíková deliberately practices a new form of history writing that subverts stereotypical ideas and images. She trains her eye on tiled facades, like they can be found on Soviet government buildings in Ukraine, as much as on the revolutionary works by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky and their instrumentalization for Putin’s state ideology, always refracting the narrative through personal experiences without exposing them to the voyeuristic gaze. Anna Daučíková expresses this kind of intertwining of lived and narrated history through a unique artistic language, which will be presented and acknowledged for the first time in a large-scale monographic exhibition.”

Anna Daučíková’s solo exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art will be curated by Anna Gritz and opened on May 29, 2019 (on view until August 25, 2019).

Anna Daučíková was born in 1950 in Bratislava. She studied with Václav Cigler, who directed the Glass in Architecture Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. After graduating in 1978, she moved to Moscow, where she pursued conceptual paintings and photographs. In 1991, Daučíková returned to Bratislava and co-founded the feminist queer magazine Aspekt. Since then she has been working increasingly performatively and using the medium of video and also fighting for LGBTQ rights in Slovakia.

In recent years, individual works by Anna Daučíková have been shown internationally, including the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, Chicago (US), 2018; documenta 14, Athens and Kassel (DE), 2017; Kyiv Biennale, Kiev, 2015; and Manifesta 10, Saint Petersburg (RU), 2014. Before that, her works were shown in the group exhibitions Gender Check: Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe, Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, and mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna, 2009, and Ars Homo Erotica, which was on display at the National Museum in Warsaw in 2010 and triggered vehement public protest.

The following curators were invited to nominate artists for the award: Diana Campbell Betancourt (BD), Erin Christovale (US), Dorothée Dupuis (FR/MX), Mai Abu ElDahab (BE), Elena Filipovic (CH), Anna Gritz (DE), Virginija Januškevičiūtė (LT), Valérie Knoll (CH), Quinn Latimer (GR), Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer (US), Balthazar Lovay (CH), Kiki Mazzucchelli (BR/GB), Manuela Moscoso (MX), Jenifer Papararo (CA), and Pip Wallis (AU).

The Schering Stiftung Art Award honors international artists who can be considered as the most important positions in the last couple of years and who pursue an outstanding original artistic approach. Since 2005, the Schering Stiftung Art Award has been awarded biannually. Previous prize winners include Cornelia Renz, Nairy Baghramian, Renata Lucas, Wael Shawky, Kate Cooper, and Hiwa K.

The Schering Stiftung aims to promote science and art, with a special focus on the natural sciences and the contemporary visual and performing arts. In addition, the Foundation promotes the scientific and cultural education of children and youth and the dialogue between science and society. The Foundation puts particular emphasis on projects in frontier areas, especially at the interface of art and science.

Exhibition period: Tuesday, 29th May to Saturday, 25th August 2018

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Image caption: Anna Daucikova_Courtesy the artist_LQ

Anna Daučíková – Art Prize Schering Stiftung 2018 | ART at Berlin


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