post-title Adam Noack | Weniger ist mehr | Galerie Eigenheim | 08.01.–06.02.2016

Adam Noack | Weniger ist mehr | Galerie Eigenheim | 08.01.–06.02.2016

Adam Noack | Weniger ist mehr | Galerie Eigenheim | 08.01.–06.02.2016

Adam Noack | Weniger ist mehr | Galerie Eigenheim | 08.01.–06.02.2016

until 06.02. | #0343ARTatBerlin | From the 8th January 2016 the gallery Eigenheim shows the exhibition “Weniger ist mehr”, which literally means “less is more”, by the artist Adam Noack.

Art is something that happens. (Adam Noack, December 2015)

It is a need for Adam Noack to handle paint and canvas in a joyful, relishing and easy way. The process resembles not so much a battle as like a dance, based on rhythm, movement and timing. Considering this, it is almost contradictory that Noack’s paintings study and examine the unloved, unattractive moments of life. However, he represents these moments in an exaggerated, almost caricatural way. This helps him to turn these moments into situations of fragility and lightness, which again develops parallels concerning his technical scenic implementation.

In one instance it is the slaughter of a pig, the anti-Nazi demonstration, the open-plan office, or the doubt-ridden people in the pub, which awaken Noack’s interest. He visits these places, restricting the atmosphere and protagonists to a few exact strokes as a drawing on paper, to then further work on these motives on canvas back in the studio.

In addition to this practice, he asks universal questions with independent series and single canvases that are detached from one another. Therefore, we can point out his ‘shelves’ series, which forms a major part of the exhibition at the Gallery Eigenheim, Berlin. Here, the idea of space is placed in the foreground, one that can easily emerge as a stage for something unreal. Horizontal and vertical lines form adjacent and superimposed spaces, giving the painter a lot of freedom. The single box can work as a stage, which defies naturalism.

Within the idea of the picture in a picture develops an organisation dedicated to order, close to the basic construction of a shelf, which enables linkages in the narrative and in turn, opens a creative thinking space for the artists fantasy.

In the ideas of Adam Noack, color can be similary understood as a book on the shelf. The work and poster image “shelf” (160 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, 2015) works well as an example of this thinking. Wild gestures and dense applications of paint find themselves together in the structure of a shelf, that seems to be filled with a seemingly chaotic accumulation of paper. Here the floods of paper so prevalent in our bureaucracy and data retention is discussed, as well as a vain attempt to obtain order in the chaos.

And in this way we have a link back to the unpopular and unsightly moments of the open-plan offices, or Nazi demonstrations, which Adam Noack brings back to life in his unique lightness of bringing paint on canvas.

Vernissage: Friday, 08th January 2016, from 07:00 p.m.

Exhibition period: Friday, 08th January to Sunday, 06th February 2016

Zur Galerie Eigenheim


Image caption: Adam Noack, welcome to sky valley, Acryl auf Leinwand, 130 x 130 cm, 2015

Adam Noack exhibition – Galerie Eigenheim – ART at Berlin

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