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These Berlin art museums + art venues are open on Mondays

“Galleries, museums and hairdressers are closed on Mondays. Fortunately, this old saying does not apply across the board in Berlin. In the capital, you can also visit some art museums, cultural institutions and even a few galleries on Mondays. And certainly one or two hairdressers as well. Art museums, galleries + institutions open on Mondays […]

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Lukas Korschan | could be any place… | ARTCO Galerie Berlin | 16.07.-13.08.2022

until 13.08. | #3520ARTatBerlin | ARTCO Galerie Berlin presents from 16. July 2022 the exhibition “could be any place…” with photographies by the artist Lukas Korschan. The exhibition ‚could be any place…‘ by Lukas Korschan is a visual research on today’s mundane spheres of solitude and conformity across the world – physical as well as […]

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NEWS: Invitation to the Workshop: Contemplative Experience | CSR Contemporary Show Room | 08.07.2022

The CSR Contemporary Show Room will host two workshops with Dr. Man Fang from Potsdam on Friday, 8 July 2022. The lecturer, therapist and founder invites you to two consecutive 60-minute sessions in the evening as part of the exhibition ÜBERSCHAU #03 HUMANITY on the topic “Contemplative Experiences: Artistic Expression as a Nonverbal Channel for […]

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NEWS: Exhibition Yet Yet – final projects by students of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin | 08.07-11.07.2022

From July 8th to 11th 2022, 40 master’s and diploma students of weißensee kunsthochschule berlin will present their final projects in the exhibition “Yet Yet” at KühlhausBerlin. The end of an art degree and the beginning of an artist’s career are often associated with a sense of waiting, uncertainty and precariousness, but also with the opportunities […]

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