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Willi Sitte + Ulrich Reimkasten | Utopie und Reflektion | Galerie feinart berlin | 07.04.-14.05.2022

until 14.05. | #3454ARTatBerlin | Galerie feinart berlin presents since 7. April 2022 the exhibition Utopie und Reflektion by the artists Willi Sitte und Ulrich Reimkasten at Galerie Beyond.Reality (Schlüterstraße 70, Berlin-Charlottenburg). As a guest at Galerie Beyond.Reality, feinart berlin is showing early drawings and inks by Ulrich Reimkasten next to colored zinkographs by Willi […]

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Klaus Rinke | Projects (MoMA 1973 et al.) | Kicken Berlin | 30.04.-17.06.2022

until 17.06. | #3453ARTatBerlin | Kicken Berlin presents from 30. April 2022 (Opening: 29.04.) the exhibition Projects (MoMA 1973 et al.) by the artist Klaus Rinke. Haubrok foundation shows Wasserwerk Rinke at the same time (Opening there: 24.04.). On the occasion of the Gallery Weekend, Kicken Berlin, in cooperation with the Haubrock foundation, is showing […]

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