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Michael Kenna | Forms of Japan | Galerie Albrecht | 20.10.-14.11.2015

until 14.11. | #0232ARTatBerlin | Galerie Albrecht is pleased to welcome you to the exhibiton “Forms of Japan” by the artist Michael Kenna from 20th October 2015. Vernissage: Saturday, 17th October 2015, 4 – 7 p.m. Uhr, Book Signing and Opening Reception Exhibition period: Tuesday, 20th October bis Saturday, 14th November 2015 [maxbutton id=”27″]   Image caption: Chikui Cape Trees, Muroran, […]

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ON FIRE. Notions of Community in Post-Apartheid South Africa | Group Exhibition | Grimmuseum | 24.10.-07.11.2015

until 07.11. | #0231ARTatBerlin | Grimmuseum is pleased to present the group exhibition ON FIRE – Notions of Community in Post-Apartheid South Africa from 24th October 2015. It is curated by Manuel Osterholt. … imagine a community with as lose a form as you will -even formless: the only condition is that an experience of moral […]

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