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Benhadj + Djilali Galerie + Museum

Benhadj + Djilali Galerie + Museum

Benhadj & Djilali is a commercial gallery and simultaneously a cultural venue for non-commercial and socially relevant exhibitions and art projects, which aim to attract widespread attention among the public and the media.
Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali, curator of ONE DAY | BERLIN is extending the exhibition and turning the Benhadj & Djilali gallery into a ‘temporary museum’ for a whole year.

About the exhibition: In ONE DAY | BERLIN, an exhibition about the Mexico_US border, Adrian Sierra Garcia transforms the way we perceive and occupy time and space at Benhadj & Djilali Gallery, alluding to the life-threatening challenges people experience when they cross ‘la linea’, the vast frontier, with an omnipresent foreign object reflecting on the violent nature and intruding character of the border wall.

Adrian Sierra Garcia (see photo) wishes to pay tribute to all those inflicted by the ‘iron curtain’ that separates the two nations. At the same time, the artist would like to sensitize the general public to the human conditions happening along the dangerous border.

The gallery is located at Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

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Photos: Courtesy Behnadj & Djilali Galerie/Museum + Adrian Sierra Garcia

ART at Berlin: Art Gallery in Berlin – Benhadj & Djilali Galerie



Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin-Mitte


52.528836781, 13.3955753218

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anytime, but not always


anytime, but not always


anytime, but not always


anytime, but not always


anytime, but not always


anytime, but not always

In the time from 12 to 6 p.m. there is as good as always somebody on location, often much longer, sometimes until late in the evening. Just ring the bell on the right at the gallery door. If you want to be safe, please call in advance and make an appointment.

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