here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Rebecca Horn | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 28.04.-26.06.2021

until 26.06.| #3019ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 28th April 2021 on the occasion of this year’s Gallery Weekend a solo show with works by the artist Rebecca Horn. Alongside current works, two of the artist’s best-known kinetic installations from the 1990s will be shown, Bee’s Planetary Map (1998) and Der Turm der Namenlosen […]

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Albrecht Schnider | Recent Paintings | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 14.11.-23.12.2020

until 23.12.| #2916ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte shows from 14th November 2020 an exhibition with recent paintings by the artist Albrecht Schnider. Albrecht Schnider’s sixth solo exhibition with Galerie Thomas Schulte presents large-scale sprayed acrylic lacquer paintings alongside a selection of new works on raw canvas—contrasting textured and smooth surfaces and materializing shifts in the […]

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Michael Müller | Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 17.10.-07.11.2020

until 07.11.| #2879ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 17th October 2020 the second phase of the solo show of the artist Michael Müller, which consists of two parts: The exhibition “Aesthetic Judgement and Selflessness” follows as the second part of the previous exhibition “Anton im Bastrock” (>Anton in a raffia skirt) as well as […]

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Michael Müller | Anton im Bastrock + Bikini on Mars | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 09.09.-09.10.2020

until 09.10.| #2846ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte will present the first version of the solo show by the artist Michael Müller, which consists of two parts: “Anton im Bastrock” and the installation “Bikini on Mars” in the gallery’s Corner Space, starting on 9 September 2020. The second version, “Aesthetic judgement and selflessness: exposing oneself to […]

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Jonas Weichsel + Fred Sandback | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 24.07.-29.08.2020

until 29.08.| #2792ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 24th July 2020 the solo show  “Unit” by the artist Jonas Weichsel and one artwork by the artist Fred Sandback in the corner space of the gallery. This summer, Galerie Thomas Schulte is very pleased to present German painter Jonas Weichsel’s first solo exhibition at the […]

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Listen to a Heart Beat | Group show | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 23.05.-11.07.2020

until 11.07.| #2745ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte currently shows the exhibition Listen to a Heart Beat with works by Dieter Appelt, Angela de la Cruz, Paula Doepfner, Rebecca Horn, Alfredo Jaar, Maria Loboda, Michael Müller, Yoko Ono and Francesca Woodman. While the artists use different approaches and mediums, the works on display all share an […]

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Robert Mapplethorpe | XYZ Portfolios | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 14.03.-18.04.2020

until 18.04.| #2715ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 14th March 2020 an exhibition with the XYZ Portfolios by the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. In addition, a film and other photographs by the artist will be shown, selected by Robert Wilson. Robert Mapplethorpe’s preeminent X, Y, and Z Portfolios will be exhibited for the first time […]

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Haptic Feedback | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 18.01.-22.02.2020

until 22.02.| #2653ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 18th January 2020 the group exhibition Haptic Feedback with artworks by nine different artists. As the first exhibition in the New Year, Galerie Thomas Schulte presents a group exhibition featuring works by nine artists who explore our changing perceptions of reality, identity, and a shift in […]

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Richard Deacon | Family | Galerie Thomas Schulte | 05.07.-31.08.2019

until 31.08. | #2513ARTatBerlin | Galerie Thomas Schulte presents from 5 July 2019 the summer exhibition Family by the artist Richard Deacon. Born in Bangor, Wales, in 1949, Richard Deacon has emerged as one of Britain’s most celebrated sculptors. From an early stage in his career, Deacon began experimenting with different media and forms of […]

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