here you will find exhibitions from the selected category. They are sorted in descending order of actuality. New exhibitions are listed at the top. Exhibitions whose runtime is in the past are listed further down. As an art enthusiast, you can also use this archive to find out about past exhibitions. 

Antonio Briceño | The skin of Mars + Omnipresence | Photo Edition Berlin | 08.07.-30.09.2017

until 30.09. | #1460ARTatBerlin | Die Photo Edition Berlin presents from 8th July  2017 the exhibition of the venezuelan artist Antonio Briceño “The skin of Mars” and the series “Omnipresence” from the years 2015 – 2017. It is his second solo exhibition held in the gallery. A catalog will be published. Violence leaves indelible traces. There […]

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Florin Artuc | Neue Arbeiten | Joachim Rong Weingalerie | 02.06.-29.06.2017

until 29.06. | #1406ARTatBerlin | Joachim Rong Weingalerie presents from 2nd June 2017 new works by the artist Florin Artuc. The gallery just provided a German exhibition description by now. For details please change to the german version of ART@Berlin. It is really easy: Just press the language button in the upper right corner. In an instant you will […]

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Edgar Lissel | Ruptures in the cinema of the mind | photo edition berlin | 24.04.-17.06.2017

until 17.06. | #1316ARTatBerlin | photo edition berlin shows from 24th April 2017 the exhibition “Ruptures in the cinema of the mind” by the artist Edgar Lissel. The artist will be present. An Introduction by Claudia Weinzierl will take place. The gallery Photo Edition Berlin presents from 22nd April 2017 the exhibition of Edgar Lissel “Ruptures in the cinema of the mind”,  […]

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EIS AM STIEL | Marie von Papen | 25.04.-30.04.2017

until 30.04. | #1310ARTatBerlin | During Gallery Weekend Berlin 2017 Marie von Papen Galerie and Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery present the group exhibition EIS AM STIEL. Participating artists: Acci Babba, Robert Elfgen, Maria Gimènez, Douglas Gordon, Harald Hermann, Daniel Kannenberg, Markus Keibel, Nikolay Koshelev, Kolja Linowitzki, Stephan Machac, Robert Montgomery, Andreas Mühe, Pietro Sanguineti, Andrea […]

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Klaus Kellner | Kauft gute Kunst und trinkt guten Wein | Joachim Rong Weingalerie | 17.03.-30.03.2017

until 30.03. | #1161ARTatBerlin | Joachim Rong Weingalerie shows from 17th March 2017 the exhibition “Kauft gute Kunst und trinkt guten Wein” by the artist Klaus Kellner. The gallery just provided a German exhibition description by now. For details please change to the german version of ART@Berlin. It is really easy: Just press the language button in the […]

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Richard Caldicott | Constructions | Photo Edition Berlin | 05.03.-15.04.2017

until 15.04. | #1110ARTatBerlin | Photo Edition Berlin shows from 04th March the exhibition “Constructions” by the artist Richard Caldicott with selected works from 2004 – 2016 as well as new editions.  Richard Caldicott is an interdisciplinary artist that experiments with different materials and techniques, including drawing, photography and sculpture. This artist’s work on paper is made with ballpoint […]

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Mel Bochner | Ikeda Gallery | 17.12.2016-18.03.2017

until 18.03. | #0964ARTatBerlin | Ikeda Gallery presents from 17th December 2016 an exhibition by the artist Mel Bochner, one of the most important protagonists of US-American Concept Art. Exhibition Period: Saturday, December 17, 2016 – Saturday, March 18, 2017   Image caption: Mel Bochner, Triangular and Square Numbers (Nagoya), 1972/2001, stones and chalk on floor, 230×516 […]

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Sara Adrian | Begegnungen – Encounters | Galerie F92 | 03.09.-14.10.2016

until 14.10 | #0701ARTatBerlin | The Galerie F92 shows from the 3th September 2016 the exhibition Begegnungen – Encounters by the artist Sara Adrian. The inspiration for Sara Adrian’s photographs are the geometric shapes of the big city with elements of the constructivism and the German Bauhaus.The play of light and shadow captured by the camera.The black and white images take […]

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Das Frauenbild im Licht der Neuen Leipziger Schule | Achtzig-Gallery | 09.09.2016–12.10.2016

until 12.10. | #0703ARTatBerlin | Achtzig-Gallery shows from 09. September 2016 the exhibition Das Frauenbild im Licht der Neuen Leipziger Schule with different artists from amongst others Germany, France and South Korea. Participating artists: Becker, Hauenstein, Paul, V.d.Broek, Szabo, Kupferschmidt, Dreher, Balabanov, Helbing, Mustafic, Matthäus, Heyder, Achtzig, V.d.Amoste, van Sterge, Gpik, Hisek. The gallery just provided a German exhibition description […]

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Hein Gravenhorst | photo edition berlin | 10.07.-17.09.2016

until 17.09. | #0604ARTatBerlin | photo edition berlin presents from the 10th Juliy 2016 the exhibition “Lichtreflex: Transformation – Translation – Rotation 1964 – 1968” by the artist Hein Gravenhorst with rare vintage prints and new editions of his artwork. It is the first solo exhibition of Hein Gravenhorst in the gallery. We are sorry, but the […]

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