here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Georg Baselitz | Galerie Michael Haas | 22.01.-17.02.2018

until17.02. | #1826ARTatBerlin | Galerie Michael Haas shows since 22nd January 2018 an exhibition with artworks by Georg Baselitz. Galerie Michael Haas congratulates Georg Baselitz on his 80th birthday. On this occasion we show 38 drawings to the Strandbilder (beach pictures). Galerie Michael Haas shows in the first exhibition for 2018 drawings by Georg Baselitz […]

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Hommage à Georg Baselitz | Contemporary Fine Arts | 23.01.-03.03.2018

until 03.03. | #1825ARTatBerlin | Contemporary Fine Arts presents from 23th January 2018 the exhibition HOMMAGE À GEORG BASELITZ with artworks by the eponymous artist on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The exhibtion was directed Siegfried Gohr. In Berlin, at that time still a divided city, everything began. In 1963 Baselitz had a show at […]

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Thomas Helbig | Ritratti di donne | Galerie Guido W. Baudach | 19.01.-03.03.2018

until 03.03. | #1824ARTatBerlin | Galerie Guido W. Baudach presents since 19th January 2018 the exhibition “Ritratti di donne” with the artist Thomas Helbig. Galerie Guido W. Baudach is pleased to present Ritratti di donne, the ninth solo exhibition of Thomas Helbig with the gallery. For the artist, the challenge of portraiture is to transcend […]

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Fragments of Belief | Group exhibition | Kuckei + Kuckei | 26.01.–03.03.2018

until 03.03. | #1823ARTatBerlin | Kuckei + Kuckei presents from 26th January 2018 the group exhibition “Fragments of Belief”. Artowrks of the following artists will be shown during the exhibition: Karin Fisslthaler, Claudia Larcher, Lilly Lulay, Nanne Meyer, Nikola Röthemeyer, Fiene Scharp, Claire Trotignon, Sinta Werner Fragments of Belief explores the theme of collage and the […]

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Punkt trifft Linie | Group Exhibition | Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung | 02.02.-17.03.2018

until 17.03. | #1822ARTatBerlin | Galerie Inga Kondeyne – Raum für Zeichnung presents from 2nd February 2018 the group exhibition “PUNKT TRIFFT LINIE – NEUES JAHR – NEUE ZEICHNUNGEN”, what literally means “point meets line – new year – new drawings”. Artworks of the following artists will be shown during the exhibition: Hanns Schimansky, Johannes […]

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Giant Size | Group Exhibition | mehdi chouakri (Mommsenstraße) | 19.01.-24.02.2018

until 24.02. | #1821ARTatBerlin | Galerie mehdi chouakri presents from 19th January 2018 the group exhibition “Giant Size” at the gallery in Mommsenstraße. With works by: Saâdane Afif • Carl Andre • Art & Language • Robert Barry • Josef Beuys • Peter Bömmels • Matti Braun • Sandro Chia Francesco Clemente • Dadamaino • […]

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Austin Lee | Tomato Can | Peres Projects | 19.01.-02.03.2018

until 02.03. | #1820ARTatBerlin | Peres Projects presents from 19th January 2018 the exhibition “Tomato Can” by the artist Austin Lee. Peres Projects is pleased to present Tomato Can, the first solo exhibition in Berlin of American artist Austin Lee. Lee’s impetus for making art capitalizes on his obsession with a digitally and technologically advancing […]

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Michael Abramson | Light on the South Side | Benhadj&Djilali | 13.01.-24.2.2018

until 24.02. | #1819ARTatBerlin | Benhadj&Djilali shows since 13th January with the exhibition LIGHT ON THE SOUTH SIDE by the photographer Michael Abramson photos of clubs on Chicago’s South Side during the 1970s. The gallery becomes a temporary bar – celebrating the current exhibition in an auratic setting. I realize I have been to every part […]

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Futo Akiyoshi | All for one | Sexauer Gallery | 20.01.-24.02.2018

until 24.02. | #1816ARTatBerlin | Sexauer Gallery shows from 20th January 2018 the solo exhibition “All for one” by the artist Futo Akiyoshi. The Japanese painter Futo Akiyoshi paints large, open series of pictures in which he sets for himself strict rules that he then follows with dedication. These rules are not an end in […]

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