here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

Wietske van Leeuwen + Carolein Smit | Double Exhibition | Brutto Gusto Fine Arts | 09.11.2018-12.01.2019

until 12.01. | #2274ARTatBerlin | Brutto Gusto Fine Arts shows from 9th November 2018 the double exhibition with works by the Dutch ceramists Wietske van Leeuwen and Carolein Smit. Wietske van Leeuwen – ‘Rocambolesk’ 2015, pot with lid, stoneware 2015  Carolin Smit – ‘Medusa’ ceramics 2016 Vernissage: Friday, 9th November 2018 Exhibition period: Friday, 9th November […]

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Marc Krepp | Life Casting | Galerie Kornfeld + 68 projects | 23.11.2018-12.01.2019

until 12.01. | #2272ARTatBerlin | Galerie Kornfeld + 68 projects show from 23rd November 2018 the exhibition Life Casting by the bronze caster Marc Krepp – his life’s work with sculptor’s from the 20th and 21st century.  Galerie Kornfeld, in cooperation with 68projects, is pleased to present within the two gallery spaces an exhibition of rare […]

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Bernd Koberling | Painting 2003–2018 | Kewenig Berlin | 06.11.2018-26.01.2019

until 26.01. | #2276ARTatBerlin | Kewenig Berlin presents from  6th November 2018 the solo exhibition Painting 2003 – 2018 with works featuring the artist Bernd Koberling. The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the artist’s 80th birthday. He was born on 4 November 1938 in Berlin. KEWENIG is pleased to present the exhibition »Malerei 2003 […]

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Karsten Kelsch | GEORDNET – UNGEORDNET | H ART MANN GALLERY | 10.11.-15.12.2018

until 15.12. | #2268ARTatBerlin | H ART MANN GALLERY shows from 10th November 2018 the solo exhibition GEORDNET – UNGEORDNET by the artist Karsten Kelsch. I would like to cordially invite you to the next and last year’s vernissage at HART MAN GALLERY. With the title GEORDNET – UNÄORDNET I will present new works by […]

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Peter Herrmann | Malerei von 1984 bis 2018 | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery | 15.11.-22.12.2018 + 07.01.-12.01.2019

until 12.01. | #2269ARTatBerlin | Bermel von Luxburg Gallery shows from 15th November 2018 the solo exhibition Malerei von 1984 bis 2018 by the artist Peter Herrmann. At 81 years of age, Peter Herrmann is a living book whose pages are dense with print. Peter Herrmann is a wonderful storyteller. He speaks with a voice […]

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Rudi M. Bodmeier | INNOCENCE | Galerie ART CRU | 23.11.2018–12.01.2019

until 12.01. | #2261ARTatBerlin | Galerie ART CRU Berlin shows from 23rd November 2018 the exhibition INNOCENCE with figurines by the artist Rudi M. Bodmeier from the studio Augustinum in Munich. Oberschwester Eva-Maria Salat Steckrübe,  Farbstift/Fineliner auf Karton, 92 x 41 cm He combines elements from the animal, plant and thing world with drastic exaggeration to bizarre […]

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Valérie Favre | The Tranquility of Peace of Mind | Galerie Barbara Thumm | 10.11.2018-16.02.2019

until 16.02. | #2257ARTatBerlin | Galerie Barbara Thumm shows from 10th November 2018 the solo exhibition The Tranquility of Peace of Mind by the artist Valérie Favre. Galerie Barbara Thumm is pleased to announce the exhibition “Die Ruhe der Seelenruhe” (“The Tranquility of Peace of Mind”) by Valérie Favre. This is the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at […]

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Sebastian Copeland | Solo Exhibition | CAMERA WORK | 20.10.-01.12.2018

until 01.12. | #2259ARTatBerlin | CAMERA WORK presents since the 20th October 2018 a Exhibition by the artist, environmentalist, polar explorer and extreme sportsman Sebastian Copeland. The gallery CAMERA WORK is pleased to present an exhibition of the photo artist, environmentalist, polar explorer and extreme sportsman Sebastian Copeland from 20 October 2018. The exhibition includes more […]

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Katherine Bradford | SUPERMAN RETURNS WITH SWIMMERS | Philipp Haverkampf | 11.10.-17.11.2018

until 17.11. | #2258ARTatBerlin | Philipp Haverkampf Galerie currently shows the Solo Exhibition SUPERMAN RETURNS WITH SWIMMERS by the painter Katherine Bradford. Bradford ‘s paintings have their roots in abstract, gestural painting. Little by little fguration found it’s way into her work. A current new aspect, is the size of her subjects; her work was […]

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Andy Warhol | Fantastic! | CWC Gallery | 24.11.2018-25.01.2019

until 25.01. | #2260ARTatBerlin | CWC Gallery shows from 24th November 2018 the group exhibition Andy Warhol: Fantastic! with works featuring more than 20 international artists who worked with Andy Warhol. CWC GALLERY is pleased to present the exhibition »Andy Warhol: Fantastic!« From November 24, 2018 onwards. The exhibition includes works by more than 20 […]

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