here you can find our exhibitions in chronological order. Some of them might not be available to visit anymore. For the sake of completeness they are also published here, to give you as an art lover an overview of exhibitions, that have taken place in Berlin. Enjoy!

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE | KW Institute for Contemporary Art | 16.09.-15.11.2015

until 15.11. | #0138ARTatBerlin | Between 16th september and 15th november the KW Institute for Contemporary Art shows the new group exhibition “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”. The “jungle” at the heart of the exhibition serves as a desired imaginary space, symbolizing the subconscious, potentially dangerous counterpart of the controlled urban environment. The jungle marks a maximum distance […]

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Antje Majewski | E.F.A. im Garten | | neugerriemschneider | 07.07. – 15.08.2015

until 15.08. | #0124ARTatBerlin | Between 7th july and 15th august 2015 gallery neugerriemschneider shows the exhibition “E.F.A. im Garten” by Antje Majewski. For her newest works, Antje Majewski has found inspiration in the construction site just a stone’s throw from her apartment in Berlin-Wedding. For forty years, community gardeners have planted fruits, vegetables, and flowers on this land, […]

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Sandy Cheyne | 80 Years Sandy Cheyne | Galerie Berlin-Baku | 07.07.–01.08.2015

until 01.08. | #0114ARTatBerlin | Gallery Baku-Berlin’s new exhibition ’80 years of Sandy Cheyne’ shows an overview on the artist’s work. Between 7th july and 1st august 2015 a collection of paintings and drawings from Cheyne’s different creation periods can be seen. Sandy Cheyne can look back on more than 60-years of creativity. His first artwork he painted at the […]

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B/W Photographs from the 1960s till today | Galerie Albrecht | 04.07.-05.09.2015

until 05.09. | #0111ARTatBerlin | Between 4th July and 5th September 2015 Gallery Albrecht shows the exhibition ‘B/W Photographs from the 1960s till today’ by the three artists Thomas Lüttge, Gabor Kerekes and Michael Kenna. In everyday life, black-and-white is an exception. Normally, we are surrounded by colours, we express emotions through colours, we approach colours, we are attracted or […]

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Margrét H. Blöndal | Meander | Galerie Thomas Fischer | 06.06.-25.07.2015

until 25.07. | #0079ARTatBerlin | From 6th June – 25th July 2015 Gallery Thomas Fischer shows drawings and sculptures by the Icelandish artist Margrét H. Blöndal. Strange things happen when encountering the drawings and object assemblages of Margrét H. Blöndal. The experience feels unusual, though the objects are often familiar. Things may be propped, hang or tied around the gallery; objects clustered in conversation. […]

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Johannes Wohnseifer | Honey and Money | KÖNIG GALERIE | 06.06.– 05.07.2015

until 05.07. | #0071ARTatBerlin | Between  5th June and 5th July 2015 KÖNIG GALERIE presents the exhibition “Honey and Money” by Johannes Wohnseifer. KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present new works by Johannes Wohnseifer in the Chapel of the former St. Agnes Church. Two new series of pictures are on view in the downstairs gallery, the erstwhile St. […]

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